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Star Whitening is one of the UK’s leading Teeth Whitening Experts, offering you a complete teeth whitening business set-up package.

We currently have a special offer on at the moment! Our business start-up package would normally cost £2895 - Now only £1450 for the complete setup package!


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Are you looking for an extra income? Do you need flexibility and financial freedom? Start a Teeth Whitening Business today!

We have a special offer at the moment! Normally £2895 Now only £1450 for the complete set up package.

Check out our teeth whitening business start up package!

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Star Whitening Business Start-Up
We provide the latest dental laser technology machine and equipment, 24/7 support, training, certification, applications, and marketing that will get you ready to meet new clients.

Help people smile more brightly and confidently by setting up a teeth whitening bu...

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In today’s world with many people out of work and losing their jobs, this is a great opportunity to start up an exclusive teeth whitening business quickly and efficiently in your area.

See a quick overview of our Star Whitening business package and what it includes.

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9 months ago
Wonderful experience. Matt was very friendly I am very pleased with my results. I went about 5 shades more white after years of coffee and smoking. I would recommend this place over a dentist. As all dentists will do is give you a tray to take home and do it yourself for hundreds more then star whitening.
- Legacy999 9
8 months ago
Would definitely recommend Star Whitening if you want to have your teeth whitened. The treatment is relaxing and you get results after just one hour! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.
- Sarah C
7 months ago
Matt came round to my house. He's a really friendly guy and makes you feel relaxed. Most importantly I'm really pleased with my results and would recommend this teeth whitening service to my friends.
- Maddy S

Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Star Whitening is a Professional Mobile Teeth Whitening Service offering you high quality instant teeth whitening results.

'Helping people smile with confidence'. 

You can also visit our main teeth whitening website here for more helpful information. 

Our Qualified Teeth Whitening Technicians can visit your home, or you’re welcome to visit us to achieve your Hollywoood Celebrity smile.

  • One Hour One Treatment
  • Ladies and Gents 
  • Immediate Results
  • Hollywood Pearly Smile
  • Dental Clinic Laser Technology
  • Fully Qualified Technicians
  • We Can Come to Your Home
  • Very Affordable

Book, or message us on 07915 478839, or call 01702 742 077. You can email us at

Now you can enjoy your perfect love island smile from the comfort of your own home, or simply visit our Teeth Whitening Service in Southend on Sea, Essex, or Sittingbourne in Kent

How much does it cost?

We use the latest dental laser technology for only ONE HOUR TREATMENT with INSTANT RESULTS! 

Dental Clinics may charge £300+ HOWEVER, Our treatment is only £99 - YOU SAVE 67%

We can come out to you, and enable you to smile brightly with confidence at a very affordable price, and instant results!

Special Teeth Whitening Occasions

You may have a special occasion coming up such as a job interview, party, wedding, christening,  prom or graduation and want that extra special smile. 

We can really help you achieve this with instant results, or maybe you simply just want to feel younger and more confident, then please contact us today.

We hire out the latest dental clinic laser technology to you, for achieving the best results at a fraction of the price.  

We do run 10% off deals at various times throughout the year. So, please enquire with us to find out any current offers available. We also recommend you have a read of the FAQ's below.

Our Teeth Whitening Service is based in Southend on Sea. We provide mobile teeth whitening services to customers homes within a 25-30 mile radius across Essex. 

We also have clients based in London. The main areas we cover are Southend on Sea, Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay, Leigh on Sea, Rochford, Hadleigh, Benfleet and Rayleigh then over to Laindon Hills, Laindon, Basildon and Chelmsford to give you an idea of where we travel.

Book online, or contact us for more details here:


Is the teeth whitening treatment safe?

Our treatment is 100% safe! We use a high quality non-peroxide gel with our dental laser technology.

Many years of scientific research have proven that laser treatment is good for the gums, as laser light kills the bacteria that causes gum disease. 

We pride ourselves on our teeth whitening treatment being very safe. Our Qualified Technicians use the same equipment, and whitening products that dental clinics use. 

We protect the lips and the lining of the mouth during the procedure. There are no injections or drilling during use. You just simply sit back, relax and let us do the work.

How long will my teeth whitening result last for?

This depends on each person. The timescale and long lasting effects will be sustained according to each ones habits, diets and lifestyle. Eating and drinking colouring agents do have an effect on the teeth. How much tea do you drink? or red wine etc. and do you eat lots of curries, or smoke? These all have a bearing effect. We are happy to educate you through these dietary recommendations. 

On average, 1 session should lighten the teeth by 4-5 shades. We will then measure these before and after and make the notes with you.

People see their change last for between 3 months to 3 years depending on lifestyle.

We do have clients who come back to us for special occasions such as weddings, parties etc. and other clients who just want the one off fresher, cleaner and brighter smile for work. 

We are totally customer driven and will work with you based on your requirements.

How long does the treatment itself take? 

Our treatment last for 1 hour with x3 20 minute intervals included, to make up the hour. 

We apply our high quality whitening gel at the beginning and two further times during.

At the end we will assess the shade difference and discuss your next steps.

If you have had discolorations build up over the years, these should be removed on your first treatment. 

Will my crowns or veneers go whiter? 

Our cosmetic laser whitening technology will not make fillings, crowns or veneers whiter. 

They will only be returned to their original colour.

Will the treatment be painful?

No. We use the latest dental laser teeth whitening technology, and non peroxide gels. This causes no pain, or discomfort.

We do recommend light brushing and refraining from colouring drink and food for 24 hours after treatment. We can explain this more to you.  

Why should I use Star Whitening and not other whitening methods?

Our laser power whitening method will whiten your teeth immediately. This is our passion and expertise. We only invest in the most up to date technology where most other whitening services use older techniques. 

The experience you will have and the whitening result is a totally different level in comparison to over the counter, or home whitening products. 

Is it advisable to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist first? 

No, this can create extra sensitivity, so we would recommend a few days at least before, if you wanted to.

Is the Star Whitening Treatment suitable for everyone?

Our service is suitable for removing surface exterior stains.

You can always check with our staff first if you're not sure. 

Why is our service better than anyone else?

You have to be careful with teeth whitening, as it can be can be very harmful. If you use cheap inferior products or if the technician is not fully qualified and trained this can be detrimental to your teeth. 

Giving our customers a beautiful white smile is our passion. We only operate the latest technology and the highest quality gels to ensure you get the desired results.

All our technicians are friendly, fully trained and experienced. We explain to you step by step throughout your treatment what is going on and pride ourselves on our customer customer care. 

What is the difference between our whitening service, and other whitening suppliers?

We only specialise in teeth whitening laser systems, and invest in the most up to date technology available to you.

Teeth Whitening Prices - Essex and London

There are many varying factors to take into consideration when deciding on the best teeth whitening prices in Essex. These can be based on the type of service you choose and the product or service provider.

Typical over the counter, or online teeth whitening kits can be from as little as £10. However, kits at these prices will speak or themselves. We believe in the professional approach where quality, support and excellent teeth whitening results matter. 

Extreme care should always be applied to any treatment as your teeth are very important and you need to look after them.

Our price for our professional teeth whitening service is £99, however local dental clinics can charge £250 for a home kit DIY (do it yourself) product, or £300+ for the same laser technology that we use.

The difference between bleaching and whitening

Firstly, the difference between home whitening kits and laser treatment is the timescale to get results. Home kits and gels can take up to 2 weeks if they are used regularly to achieve some results where as laser treatment will get results after 1 hour.

Now lets look at the terms bleaching and whitening. Whitening is really the overall term used for getting your teeth whiter whereas bleaching depends on what gel treatment you are using and the chemicals involved. For instance, non-peroxide gels may not be termed as bleaching and these are the gels we use. 

Non-peroxide gels are safe, with no pain or side effects because they do not contain peroxide. Peroxide is a bleaching agent and can cause irritation to the gums and damage to the enamel with excessive use. Please speak to one of our Qualified Whitening Technicians and we can discuss this further.

What are the benefits of our Professional Teeth Whitening Service?

The main benefits for our clients are as follows:

• Longer lasting results than online or over-the-counter DIY kits. 
• The Treatment has no pain or side effects.
• it's the safest way to whiten teeth for the best instant results.
• Treatment is provided by our qualified professional teeth whitening technicians.
• You can choose with multiple treatments how white you want your teeth to go. You may only need one treatment and will depend on the discoloration of your teeth.
• Reliable treatment that will guarantee you results.
• You can whiten teeth up to 14 shades whiter.

You can more helpful information on Teeth Whitening here:

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